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Mizzou Football Camp: DE Aldon Smith Making His Way Back, Gary Pinkel Doesn't Care Who's Hurt

On Thursday, Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune reported that Mizzou DE Aldon Smith was "out indefinitely" with a hip pointer.

Coach Gary Pinkel indicated that it could be a couple of days.

And then there's this from Matter this morning:

Good news for #Mizzou this AM, no red pullover for DE Aldon Smith, who's been fighting a hip pointer

It's about time Mizzou had some injury news go their way.

Smith is one of the most valuable pieces on the Tigers defense so his health is critical. If you ask head coach Gary Pinkel, it doesn't matter who's hurt.

"I don’t care who gets hurt," he said. "There are no excuses for anything. We don’t care. Bottom line, people move up, and whoever’s playing game day against Illinois plays. We don’t ever talk about, ‘Woe is me. This is awful this happened to us.’ We don’t do that around here. … If a guy gets hurt, coaches have to coach better and we’ve got to have people step up and play at a better level. That’s what we’re going to do."