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Reaction To The Jose Guillen Trade To Giants: 'I Don't Get It'

Rob Neyer of has weighed in on the Kansas City Royals trading Jose Guillen to the San Francisco Giants a week after designating him for assignment and his reaction is simple: "I don't get it."

Jose Guillen is -- and I hope you're sitting down for this shocking news -- isn't real good. Since joining the Royals in 2008, he's got a .256/.308/.420 line. Yeah, maybe moving to the National League will help. It sure helped Pat Burrell. But I'm not sure how many times you can go to that well. And I grieve for the Giants' pitchers, who will now have two DH types stumbling around in the outfield almost every time out.

For the Royals, I get it. It makes sense, they wanted to move him and whatever they got in return it's worth it.

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