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Kansas City Chiefs Preseason: Tony Gonzalez Says Sean Weatherspoon Looks Great

We've got an update on a couple of players with Kansas City area connections.

Former Chiefs TE Tony Gonzalez says former Mizzou LB Sean Weatherspoon is impressive early in camp.

Per Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star:

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rookie come in and look as good as he has on either side of the ball,” Gonzalez told me during a phone interview. “But it remains to be seen. Right now, we haven’t played any games. I will say that, and I told him that.

“He looks good in practice, but let’s see how it transfers to the game. But for all of his fans out there, rest assured he’s working hard. He’s in the weight room after every practice. I know because I’m in there, and I see him. He wants it. He’s going to be a real good addition for us this year.”

That was the buzz on Weatherspoon when he was coming out -- that he'd be able to step in very quickly and play. He'll get his first test quickly.

So quickly, in fact, that he's going to start against the Chiefs tonight.