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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 8/13

Here's your Friday the 13th dose of Kansas City sports news...

Chiefs play Falcons tonight

The Chiefs open their 2010 preseason this evening against the Falcons.

In these types of games, you're looking for a solid start while your first teams are in there. These are the players that really matter and you want them to play well even if it's for one quarter. The next thing you're watching is special teams. That's where this fourth and fifth receivers as well as the third and fourth running backs will make the team.

They'll also face Tony Gonzalez.

Remember him?

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Kerry Meier, Sean Weatherspoon playing against Chiefs tonight

A couple of local products are playing against the Chiefs tonight.

For Atlanta, they'll have Kerry Meier (former KU WR) and Sean Weatherspoon (former Mizzou LB). They've also got Williams Moore (former Mizzou S).

We know Weatherspoon will start.

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Injuries piling up at Mizzou camp

I've been seeing more and more names added to the Mizzou camp injury list.

There are two you have to worry about: WR Jerrell Jackson and S Jarrell Harrison.

With Jackson, the Tigers will now look to T.J. Moe and others to step it up. With Harrison, they'll now look to Kenji Jackson, who was battling for the starting job anyway.

The rest of the injuries aren't any big deal at the moment. They'll keep the players out of practice but if it were a game they would be playing.

Royals can't top C.C. Sabathia

The Royals lost 4-3 to the Yankees on Thursday night. It was the fifth loss in a row and it gave C.C. Sabathia a share of the A.L. lead in wins.

Bruce Chen got the loss for the Royals.

The Royals have lost five in a row and eight of ten.

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