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Chiefs Vs. Falcons Preseason: Post-Game Quotes

Here are a few post-game quotes from the Kansas City Chiefs players after they lost 20-10 to the Atlanta Falcons.

Matt Cassel

I think there's some positives and negatives obviously. You don't really know until you break down the film. I thought both of the young running backs did a heck of a good job getting out there and getting us some yards running the ball. I thought we got the no huddle going pretty well in the seond quarter so there are some positives. The one thing is that we'd definitely like to start a little better.

Dexter did a good job for us. He ran the ball hard and made some plays for us in the passing game. He's working hard at just getting better every day.

Dexter McCluster

I just want to go out there and give my best and be where I gotta be when I gotta be there and be that player that's going to be down for his teammates no matter what and I think I went out there and did that.

I think first off we need to watch the film and see what we need to correct. The good and the bad and see what we need to work on for next week. This is over with so we need to put it behind us.

Jamaal Charles

I just wanted to go out and make some plays. With my shoulder injury, I wanted to see what I could do. The coach wanted to see what I could do with my shoulder so I went out there and executed on what I had to do.

Eric Berry

I just tried to put it in my mind before the game that I had to move quicker and react faster because I knew those guys were going to be moving a lot faster as well.I was prepared for it to be fast, I just didn't know how fast it was going to be so I had to adjust.

Jovan Belcher

You're not hitting your teammates anymore. You get to hit someone else. We still have a lot more to work on.