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Chiefs Training Camp: Returning To The Field After Falcons Loss

The Kansas City Chiefs will return to the practice field Sunday afternoon in an effort to correct what needs to be fixed.

Here are a few things the Chiefs need to fix from Friday night.

Matt Cassel

I know it's just preseason but it was still first team vs. first team for four series and Cassel didn't get much done. Well, he got nothing done.

He fumbled the ball and was sacked in a critical situation. Those are correctable.

The turnovers

All of the Chiefs quarterbacks turned the ball over Friday night. Backups Brodie Croyle and Tyler Palko threw picks but, as backups, that's to be expected to some degree.

Cassel, on the other hand, fumbled the ball while sitting in the pocket. That's a correctable mistake and one I'm sure the coaching staff is talking to him about.

To put it simply: The Chiefs offense or defense is not good enough to sustain with a bunch of turnovers. They can't win like that.

Renewed emphasis on the run game

The Chiefs need to have a renewed focus and emphasis on the run game. It's just one preseason game but it's becoming clear that if they're going to have success this year, it's going to come from the run game.

Do whatever it is they need to do to make sure everyone understands that the focus of the offense will be the running backs, and not Matt Cassel.

How to get the ball in McCluster's hands

Well, Dexter McCluster showed he could take a hit in the second quarter of Friday night's game. He also showed his versatility catching three passes for 23 yards and running the ball five times for 25 yards.

Those are two ways to get him the ball; are there any more?

McCluster is that type of talent where you just figure out creative ways to get him the ball. The Chiefs need to find as many ways as possible to do that. He's one of two can-score-at-any-point type of playmakers on the field.

Truly evaluate the running back position

Todd Haley loves Thomas Jones just like he loved Zach Thomas last year. Thomas didn't make the team but he was on the first team of the Chiefs first depth chart. Translation: Haley's willing to reward guys that work hard and guys he likes, like Thomas and Jones this year.

Haley can't look at the running back position and force Jones in there.

With Haley playing LJ for little to no reason the first half of 2009, Haley has not demonstrated he'll play the best player. He played Charles because he had to, not because he chose to.

The Chiefs need to truly evaluate the running back position and put the best guy back there, even if it is Charles over Jones.