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Mizzou Football Camp: The First Scrimmage Has A Few MVPs

Here's a quick rundown on some of the major players in Mizzou's first scrimmage over the weekend.

Quarterbacks are efficient

The quarterbacks completed 73% of their passes, which is a very good numbers...or is it?

Per Rock M Nation:

It's never smart to make rash judgments from scrimmages, but I typically like to see the #1 QB doing great things, the #2 doing well, and the #3, 4, etc., getting lit up like a Christmas tree.  This is because I like to see the first-string offenses and defenses dominating against the lesser strings.

Gabbert was 18/23 for 162 yards and one touchdown.

Derrick Washington looks solid

MU's official site has good things to say about RB Derrick Washington.

The Raymore, Mo., native made it known right away that he was ready for a big day, as he shot off-tackle on the first play of the scrimmage for a 73-yard run. Washington also had a 42-yard run later in the day.

"He's good, he's been around," said Head Coach Gary Pinkel. "That's what you have to do, when you have starters returning, they have to play better than they did the year before, or your team's not going to get better.

As Rock M Nation says, it's like he's rediscovering whatever it is he lost late in 2008.

Unexpected star of the day

DE Michael Sam, a redshirt freshman.

Redshirt freshman DE Michael Sam, who missed practice this past Monday to be at the funeral of former Tiger teammate Daniel Schatz, had a massive day, as he recorded 5 quarterback sacks, and added another tackle for loss. On one of the sacks, he jarred the ball loose from QB James Franklin, picked it up near midfield, and raced the other way nearly 50 yards before Franklin pulled him down just shy of the goalline and the score.

Five sacks, scrimmage or not, is outstanding.