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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 8/15

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news....

Hangover from Chiefs loss continues

It's just the preseason but more people are wondering if this is going to be the same old Chiefs after they lost 20-10 to the Falcons on Friday night. Seemingly nothing has changed since the dreadful 2009 preseason and that's a scary thought.

The Chiefs play again next weekend against the Bucs, which is a team in a similar position to them, so it will be a good test of where they're at as a team.

It's just one preseason game, you're right, but it's the familiarity to the 2009 preseason that has folks worried.

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A-Rod hits three homers as Yankees beat Royals

There's not much to say after this one.

Alex Rodriguez hit three homers as the Yankees once again beat the Royals to lead the series two games to one. They're playing one more today.

This ensures that the Royals can not beat the Yankees in this series -- something they haven't done in New York since 1999.

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Lew Perkins name in the news again

Anytime you hear Lew Perkins name on the nightly news telecast, it's probably not a good thing.

This time around it's the KC Star that's uncovering his ridiculous flying habits.

He's charging the University tens of thousands of dollars on private flights all across the country. From as far away as Palm Springs, CA (a trip that in all cost over $20,000) or Pittsburg, KS just 139 miles away.

Lew loves his private planes.

Some, I'm sure, are necessary but I find it curious that other schools like KSU and MU can get away with going on a percentage of the private flights that Perkins does.

Once again, Perkins furthers the perception that there's something more going on at KU.

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MU football completes first scrimmage

It's just a scrimmage but 56-48 is a good number for the offense. The quarterbacks completed 73% of their passes.

Per Rock M Nation:

Yes, it came against Mizzou defenders, but you have to love what we've seen (okay, read) from Derrick Washington this month. Long receptions, long runs, dragging tacklers ... it certainly sounds like he is in the process of rediscovering the fifth gear that he lost sometime late in 2008.

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