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Royals Sign Two Draft Picks On Deadline Day

At 11:00 p.m. tonight is the deadline for MLB teams to sign draft picks. The Royals selected 50 in this summer's draft and continue to whittle away. The big one, first round pick Christian Colon, has been inked to a deal.

They've signed two more today.

First, the Royals signed Jason Adam, a local guy out of Blue Valley Northwest, who was selected in the fifth round. We knew last week his deal was basically done and they were awaiting MLB's approval, which suggested it was outside of their slotting system. Adam got about $800,000 which is roughly $629,000 over MLB's suggesting slotting.

Second, the Royals signed second round pick Brett Eibner. He can pitch and play the field. The Royals have him listed as a center fielder and he's considered one of the better players in the draft That's probably because he cost the Royals $1.25 million, which is $600,000 over what MLB suggested.

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