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Chiefs Training Camp: Wrapping Up The First Two Weeks

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The Kansas City Chiefs have been in training camp for just over two weeks. They arrived in camp on July 29 and start practicing on July 30.

A lot has happened in two weeks but the overall feel during camp has been positive, even with a 20-10 loss to the Atlanta Falcons in the first preseason game.

Here's a summary of the highlights of the first two weeks of camp as well as the Chiefs first preseason game.

Week one

Brian Waters did not participate in camp this week. He had some sort of leg/ankle injury and hung out on the exercise bikes the entire time. It was revealed that he did not fail Todd Haley's conditioning test.

Dwayne Bowe has a fast start to camp. It was clear from the start that Bowe came to camp in shape and ready to play. He and Matt Cassel seemed to develop a rapport during the first week. The Bowe believers started to come back into focus at this point.

The Dexter McCluster show comes alive. People were quickly attracted to McCluster because he flashed such speed and quickness right off the bat. Though it was just in training camp practices, the optimism and expectations surrounding McCluster quickly grew.

Week two

Brian Waters remained out for an ankle/leg injury for much of the week. He came back in the latter part of the week and was quickly inserted into the first team.

The McCluster show slows down. The Chiefs had an intra-squad scrimmage and McCluster wasn't featured at all. This was perhaps a sign from the Chiefs that they thought there was too much hype/interest/expectations around McCluster.

Brandon Carr began struggling a bit and the focus was turned to him. He's started to rebound and will be fine moving forward.

First preseason game

The Chiefs lost to the Falcons. Guys that stood out were Dexter McCluster and Jamaal Charles. Matt Cassel didn't have a very strong game.

More people are starting to think the Chiefs will be a run-first team in 2010.

The first team defense struggled against the first team Falcons defense but turned it around keeping the Falcons at three points in the first half.