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Kansas Football Camp: What's The Difference Between Turner Gill And Mark Mangino?

Size? Check.

Language? Check.

And then this quote from a player, which you never saw when Mark Mangino was in town.

"Coach Gill is just positive," senior offensive tackle Brad Thorson said. "He's about finding the right solutions that are going to make student-athletes happy, that make you want to compete for him. He's focused on the whole student-athlete. This game's about football, but we're involved in the community. We're here to get a degree as well. It's not about scolding you or scaring you into doing things the right way."

Could you ever see a "Coach Mangino is just positive" quote from a player? I don't think so.

When Turner Gill was first hired he gave the players a questionnaire with questions about themselves. Gill wanted to get to know the players as people -- something that, well, the perception of Mangino likely wouldn't have let happen.

We're not saying Gill's way is the best way to win. Mangino did a darn good job of winning at times. But Gill's way is probably more appropriate for a higher learning institution.