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Mizzou Football Camp: Focusing On Forcing Fumbles

The Columbia Missourian has a nice story on Mizzou trying to create more fumbles this season.

Last year Mizzou ranked 9th in the Big 12 in takeaways. That's a number that can and needs to be improved.

With Mizzou's offense, we know they can score points. Creating takeaways on a consistent basis can make them near unbeatable.

“There’s a form to doing it,” DE Aldon Smith said. “You’ve got to have your one arm around them and the other is violently ripping for that ball, but you’ve got to make sure you’ve secured the tackle before you do it.”

Think back to the 2003 Chiefs. They were unstoppable on offense but they were also near the top of the league in turnover differential. That helped them win 13 games that year. It's a similar idea with this Mizzou team.

Head coach Gary Pinkel, though, recognized that in an intra-squad scrimmage, creating fumbles isn't necessarily a good thing.

That's because it comes against his offense.