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Royals Will 'Probably' Put Gil Meche In Bullpen In 2011

GM Dayton Moore's big money free agent starting pitcher may end his time in Kansas City as a relief man.

When Gil Meche declined surgery on his shoulder this season, the thought process was that he would return in September in some sort of bullpen role.

According to Royals manager Ned Yost, he may stay in the bullpen next year.

"We can maintain his shoulder issues in that role better than he can going out and pitching 100 pitches every fifth day. It lowers his workload and keeps him healthier," Yost said.

"That'll be a decision that we'll look at at the end of the year, but if I had to answer that today, probably, 'Yes.'"

It'd be disappointing but I suppose it's better than getting shoulder surgery, coming back and realizing one month into his return that he's not healthy (c'mon, that seems to happen too often with the Royals) and then going back on the DL.

Meche will go on a rehab assignment at some point likely before August to return by September.