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Kansas City Chiefs Draw 3,500 For Training Camp Night Practice

The Kansas City Chiefs had their smallest of three crowds for practice at Spratt Stadium on Wednesday night.

Normally, the team is on the practice field with bleachers off to the side. But on bigger events, they'll move to the actual stadium.

The first time, they drew about 8,000 for a night practice. Then they brought in a stadium record 10,721 for a scrimmage. On Wednesday, they brought in about 3,500.

Here are a few observations from practice:

Not participating: G Darryl Harris, S Jon McGraw, RB Kestahn Moore and QB Brodie Croyle.

Play of the day: Tony Moeaki went streaking down the middle of the field and Matt Cassel found him deep. Moeaki had a defender directly behind him, to his left and another a couple yards away in front of him but still made the catch with outstretched arms. I'm not sure if he would have scored in a real game but, if he had some speed, it would've been six.

[Editor's note: I seem to remember someone saying Moeaki would make a difference when he comes back.]

Kick of the day: Ryan Succop was 3/3 hitting from 37, 41 and 51 yards. On the 51-yarder, Todd Haley stood right next to him saying something and waving something to distract him but Succop nailed it with room to spare.

First rookie hazing: After practice ended, the veterans grabbed Javier Arenas and taped him to the goal post and poured Gatorade on him. I blew it on the picture so I don't have proof but it was pretty good. I heard that some of they players were going to make him sing next time. Unfortunately for him, it sounds like there's a next time.

Brandon Carr has a nice night: He batted down a pass from Cassel to Chris Chambers near the sidelines. He was outstretched and took a bit of a gamble so it was a good play. Later, he picked off a touch catch from Cassel to Chambers again. Chambers was right there so I don't know how he didn't break it up but Carr made the pick and then got away from Chambers and started running to the end zone.