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KU Says Lew Perkins Travels Were 'In Accordance With Policy And Procedures'

On Sunday the Kansas City Star detailed the lengthy history of Kansas AD Lew Perkins and his penchant for flying on expensive private flights. In just over two years, Perkins billed the school over $150,000 for private flights.

His excuse (other than saying, "I'm old") was that time was of importance and he had to use the private, expensive flights. While Perkins has done an incredible job bringing in cash to the university, I find it curious that the other athletic directors in the area (MU and KSU) didn't have near the travel habits that Perkins did.

Kansas Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little has responded to the Star's report and said all of Perkins' flights were legit.

In a statement released late Wednesday, Gray-Little said Perkins’ trips detailed in The Star’s story “were reviewed and had been approved in accordance with the policies and procedures that had been in place for several years.”

But she added that the university “should exercise good judgment and operate in an efficient and prudent manner … this is especially the case in the current economic climate.”

Translation: They were all legit but even we know it was a little out of control.

She also announced that the athletic director would no longer serve as the chairman of the advisory board for KU Athletics.

KU has no choice but to defend Perkins and I have no doubt that his flights were all approved but the perception is that it's one thing after another with him.

Gray-Little said that they will review their travel policies and procedures.