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Chiefs Vs. Bucs Preseason: Todd Haley Says New QB Bill Stull Will Likely Play

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback situation received a slight shakeup this week.

Brodie Croyle entered the field on Monday with a brace on his arm. He didn't practice in team drills throughout the week so the Chiefs signed former Pittsburgh QB Bill Stull.

He's only been on the team a few days but Chiefs coach Todd Haley says Stull will likely play on Saturday.

“I would think there’s a good chance, yeah. Like I said, we saw enough things back in the spring to say if there were an opportunity this would be a good option for us.”

This is a big game for both Stull and Tyler Palko, the Chiefs other quarterback who hasn't shown much in training camp. I previously thought that Stull would just be another arm for the last week of camp but that may not be the case.

Stull was with the Chiefs during rookie minicamp so he was signed because he's familiar with the offense. But he's had a decent start and it makes you wonder if he'll steal that third quarterback spot from Palko.

The early results would suggest there's a decent chance it could happen. A lot of teams don't like having left-handed backups because it changes a few things along the offensive line. Add into that Stull has looked decent in his first week while Palko hasn't had a very good camp.