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Timing Was Right For Kansas To Name Kale Pick Starting Quarterback

I expressed some concern this week over the amount of time Kansas head coach Turner Gill was taking in announcing a starting quarterback for the 2010 season.

If you had two players competing for a spot, then that means they were each getting half the first team reps. That's OK for a position like running back or linebacker who doesn't have to make the decisions that a quarterback does. A quarterback is the most important position in sports and you simply can't go through the majority of your camp with him only taking half the first team snaps.

Pick and Jordan Webb were splitting snaps so, whoever the starter was, they would enter 2010 without the regular amount of first team snaps.

So Kansas chose Kale Pick to be the starter in 2010 and, while that remains to be seen whether that was the right decision, it was the right timing for the decision.

KU's players needed to be able to look to a leader and express confidence in that leader.

Gill took a little longer than I would have preferred, but it's over with now.

Kale Pick in 2010, onward and upward....