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Will Basketball Recruit Tony Mitchell Make It To Mizzou?

Will Mizzou ever get Tony Mitchell in the fold?

The last we heard the top-15 recruit is still having problems getting cleared to play. There are some issues with high schools courses.

You can read details of those issues here.

So what are the chances he plays for Mizzou?

Well, we haven't heard anything regarding him in quite a while. Listening to sports talk radio recently, most folks (some informed, some not) don't feel he'll be at Mizzou this year.

The fact that he's not in Columbia right now doesn't mean he won't or can't be there. Remember Brandon Rush? He didn't get to KU until September. Josh Selby, KU's big recruit this year, reportedly isn't cleared yet to play.

But, from the sound of things, it's not looking great for Mitchell and Mizzou.

Not having Mitchell would definitely be a big hit but it wouldn't ruin Mizzou's recruiting class. Guys like Phil Pressey and Ricardo Ratcliffe will make it a good class either way but Mitchell would be necessary to jump it up a level and make it a great class.

Mitchell maintains that he'll be at Mizzou.

Mizzou coach Mike Anderson said at the end of June he expects everyone to be there.