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Royals' Gil Meche Opts Not To Have Surgery, Could Return To Bullpen By September

Gil Meche is in the fourth year of a five year deal with the Kansas City Royals. The last year and-a-half have been brutal with injuries and setbacks.

Last week it was announced Meche would have season-ending shoulder surgery. As it turns out, that surgery would have kept him out for the 2011 season as well. It also would have been career threatening, which is what happens when you have multiple shoulder surgeries.

Via the Kansas City Star:

“I took an option of not having it,” Meche said. “My shoulder’s beat up and everything. We’re going a different option. The only way to play out my contract and contribute something to this organization, having surgery wasn’t the way to go.

“For me, starting pitching is not an option for me. I’m going to pitch in the bullpen and see if my shoulder can handle it. As far as the endurance and stress, my shoulder can’t do it.”

I'd be surprised if Meche contributed to the Royals in any fashion ever again.