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Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp: Day Four Observations

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The smallest crowd in the first four days of training camp came out to watch the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday afternoon. There were less than 2,000 in attendance. The morning session was better attended.

Here are a few thoughts on the fourth day of Kansas City Chiefs training camp.

Matt Cassel playing OK, but not a stand out

If I were creating a top five players at camp through four days, Matt Cassel would not be on it. He hasn't been playing poorly, but he also hasn't been standing out. He seems to spend a lot of time with Haley and Weis throughout practice. No cause for concern with Cassel because, overall, he's the most consistent quarterback at camp.

Hard hit on Jerheme Urban

Jerheme Urban jumped to catch a pass and, as he turned around, was drilled by Ricky Price. The hit laid him out for a few minutes and also drew the tempers of a few offensive guys. Branden Albert was seen getting into it with the defense but it didn't escalate.

We couldn't hear what Todd Haley said to the team but yesterday he got on Javier Arenas' case for a hard hit in the end zone so I imagine it was something similar.

Daily 'Wallace Gilberry looks good' line

I've noticed that Wallace Gilberry is consistently around the ball and disrupting plays. On a key third down in the two-minute drill, Gilberry knocked down a Cassel pass to the praise of his coaches. He's playing some defensive line in the Chiefs nickel. I wonder if they'll try to get him on the field more often.

Brodie Croyle has a few nice passes

Brodie Croyle does have a nice camp arm at times. He had two passes with a nice bit of touch today. The first one was a 35-plus-yard, over-the-shoulder pass which Terrence Copper hauled in inside the 5 yard line. The other was a fade route to new signee Verran Tucker in the corner of the end zone.

Kestahn Moore keeps it up

Kestahn Moore kinda came out of nowhere to be a guy who might have a shot at making the team. He had a couple of nice runs, including one between the center and guard for six or seven yards. The Chiefs picked him up in the offseason and I didn't think twice about the move. Now I'm thinking he's got his eye on being the third back. It's a long, long way to go though.

Same two still out

Brian Waters and Pierre Walters once again missed practice. Waters has some sort of ankle injury that has kept him out all of camp. Walters has no visible injury.

Obscure jersey award

Walking to the other side of the field, I saw ahead in the distance. "Is that it?" I thought. "Can it be?" Yes, it was a Percy Snow jersey. That jersey is nearing 15 years old at this point.

Crennel's focus on the defensive line

Tyson Jackson said after practice that he hasn't had a defensive coordinator key in on the defensive line as much as Romeo Crennel. The Chiefs have Anthony Pleasant coaching the line, but Crennel has a nice defensive line resume himself.

Heat is still the topic

Most players after practice are asked some form of question involving the heat. I know there are hotter places in the world but the heat in St. Joe combined with the humidity makes it pretty difficult to be comfortable. That's the way Todd Haley wants it, he told the media last week.

Eric Berry said the training staff is doing a great job of keeping them hydrated. The Chiefs took a few more water breaks today so Haley is watching out.

Glenn Dorsey doesn't mind all the SEC guys

Glenn Dorsey talked to the media on Sunday and when someone referenced the number of SEC guys on their roster, he said that's not a bad thing at all. Nearly 20 percent of the Chiefs roster is from Alabama and LSU.