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Jason Whitlock Gets Over $2 Million At FOX

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Jason Whitlock used to cover the Kansas City Chiefs while with the Kansas City Star.

Now he'll be paid like a Chief.

I've learned that Whitlock's contract with FOX will pay him a whopping $2.1 million over three years.

Unconfirmed rumors in Kansas City had Whitlock's salary at the Kansas City Star in the neighborhood of $150,000 - $200,000 plus his previous part-time deal with FOX so the $700,000 per year average is likely a nice bump for him.

For a reference, Rick Reilly has one of the biggest contracts I can remember at $17 million over five years at ESPN.

Whitlock will be writing more columns for the website and it's believed he'll be part of, in some fashion, FOX's increasing focus on online video content. There's also a possibility he does some radio work for FOX as well.

There are also rumors making the rounds that Whitlock may be making a permanent move to Los Angeles. Kansas City -- for better or worse -- won't be the same without Whitlock, if he does indeed make the permanent move to L.A.

We'll be listening this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. (CDT) on 610 Sports to hear 'The Explanation'. I've got the feeling quite a few folks who know Whitlock will be listening. I've also got the feeling quite a few folks are shaking in their boots wondering what he'll say.

[Editor's Note: On Friday night, Whitlock on 'The Explanation' called this report "exaggerated".]