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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 8/20

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news....

'The Explanation' coming Friday at 3:00 p.m. (CDT)

Yes, what has the chance to be the most entertaining radio in a long, long time in Kansas City is coming today. At 3:00 p.m. Jason Whitlock will take to the airwaves to explain his decision to leave the KC Star. Here's what's going down on 610 Sprts

  • One hour of Whitlock by himself
  • One hour of Nick Wright interviewing him
  • One hour of taking calls

Yeah, this will be good.

Royals can't complete the sweep

The Royals were looking for their first sweep in about three weeks (July 30 - Aug. 1 against Orioles).

They held a 3-0 lead against the Indians heading into the eighth so it was looking good.

And then? A five run inning and a two run inning to close it out and Royals lose 7-3.

Kyle Davies lasted one out into the eighth before getting out of there.

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Chiefs complete final practice in St. Joe

Training camp in St. Joe is OVER.

The Chiefs held their final practice in St. Joe on Thursday afternoon.

The Chiefs schedule now: Walk-through on Friday, travel to Tampa for the Bucs game, return to Kansas City, practice Monday-Wednesday at Arrowhead stadium

There is a free open practice on Wed. Aug. 25 at 7:15 at Arrowhead.

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Kale Pick dominates the headlines

While searching for some KU news this morning I realized that there's one story folks care about right now: Kale Pick as the starting quarterback.

KU released their entire depth chart -- and there are some surprises -- but the story of the day is Pick.

Unfortunately he's nothing compared to the quarterback Blaine Gabbert is. If KU is to finish ahead of MU in the Big 12 North this year, it won't be because KU wins the quarterback battle.

Still, though, it's important they picked someone and did it as early as possible.

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