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Chiefs Vs. Bucs Preseason: The Matt Cassel Connection

Arrowhead Pride has several items to look for in tonight's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. One of those is the play of Matt Cassel.

If you'll recall, the Bucs have a slight connection to Matt Cassel, as remembers.

Regarding Cassel, who had a decent season last year in Kansas City, Joe remembers that The Tampa Tribune reported the Bucs were making a play to get him before the 2009 draft, but the Chiefs snatched him for a 2009 second round pick.

While reading over, I noticed a few other similarities between what the Chiefs need to do tonight and what the Bucs need to do.

The Bucs haven’t gotten to the quarterback successfully in years, and Joe wants to see a real stride taken. Stop the run reasonably well like in Miami, great, but it’s time to get after the QB.

Sounds like the Chiefs? They've had a NFL-low 32 sacks in the last two seasons, including a NFL record low 10 sacks in 2008.

And then this next one sounds familiar, too: Defensive linemen need to step it up.

Finally, Gerald McCoy and Brian Price will be together rushing inside on third down. Disrupt, young men. Put some heat on film and get the Browns all stressed out.

McCoy was the third overall pick, like Tyson Jackson. The Chiefs also have Glenn Dorsey and the defense is rarely referenced without mentioning one or both of these guys developing.