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Chiefs Draft Strategy Looks Smarter After Maurice Leggett Injury

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Scott Pioli's decision to draft a surplus of defensive backs seems like a wise one now.

Of course, there was no way for Scott Pioli to know this. But given the circumstances, things are working out quite well.

For those unaware, the Chiefs recent 20-15 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their last preseason game came with the loss of Maurice Leggett. No one knows yet how much time Leggett will miss, but it seems like it will be a costly injury that will keep him out for a while. Early reports indicate that people in the know hope it's not a career-ending injury. Reading between the lines isn't hard here; the Chiefs don't know how much they can count on Leggett going forward into the regular season.

Thus, it makes Pioli's draft strategy in acquiring extra pieces for the secondary look quite fortuitous. Most draft experts and fans certainly didn't place cornerback among the major needs of the Chiefs this spring. While Eric Berry was a selection many predicted, the dominant ideas for the rest of the draft included a nose tackle, offensive lineman, linebacker and wide receiver as the major areas the Chiefs would address.

Instead, the Chiefs went for another safety after Eric Berry with Kendrick Lewis and they also grabbed cornerback Javier Arenas in the second round -- perhaps the Chiefs most surprising pick in the draft. These players come with other talents, especially on special teams and Arenas' blitzing ability has already been noted by many. Still, it gave the Chiefs competition at every level of the secondary and positioned them with arguably the best young talent in the NFL at those positions.

Now, they're having to rely on that depth with the loss of Leggett for the near future. While everyone is hoping for the best for Leggett, injuries do happen in the NFL and team's must adapt as they occur. The Chiefs are in solid position to absorb the loss for now and it was an unexpected draft crop that allows them to do just that.