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Josh Selby Investigation Reportedly Extends To North Carolina, Kentucky And Tennessee

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The NCAA is reportedly investigating the Kansas Jayhawks No. 1 recruit Josh Selby. According to the original report, the investigation included his relationship with Robert Frazier, Carmelo Anthony's business partner, "among other things".

Kent Sterling, "former director of news and programming for WIBC Radio in Indianapolis and the founder of 1070 - The Fan - Indiana's top-rated sportstalk radio station" posted a followup on the Selby investigation:

What is new is that investigation stretches beyond Bill Self, Selby, KU and Frazier.  It includes the basketball programs at North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and their relationships during the recruiting process with Frazier and Selby.  This is according to a person close to the investigation.

Interesting, if accurate. This is an intense time period between agents and universities and who knows what the next move will be. It could also just be a standard part of the investigation.

There's still been no indication by either side -- Selby or KU -- that he won't make it to school. In addition, Sterling's article seems to take a strange path starting on the Selby investigation and then moving onto agents and doesn't address the Selby situation specifically.

We'll see how it shakes out and if this latest development, if accurate, means anything.