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Mizzou's Freshman Receivers May Have To Play Early

The good thing about Mizzou's offense is that they score a lot of points. The bad thing is that it there's a lot of running so you need lots of skill position players.

A lot of things go into someone seeing playing time as a true freshman, and some of those are working in favor of Lucas and Sasser as well as another true freshman receiver, Jimmie Hunt from Cahokia, who has been out recently with an ankle injury but could return to practice today. Not only to do they have talent — and size — they have good timing. Mizzou doesn't return a lot of experience at its three receiver positions, and with its spread offense, Mizzou needs a lot of receivers.

Mizzou has five receivers back from last year and it's not like in years past where several spots are taken up for future NFLers.

"Is there an opportunity to play or are you stacked behind (Jeremy) Maclin or (Danario) Alexander and those guys?" said receivers coach Andy Hill. "Or do you have guys that have minimal experience? This year, we have minimal experience coming back with a few players, so the opportunity is there too."

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