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Even Mizzou's Fourth QB Is Putting Up Solid Numbers

The 2010 Mizzou football team does not have a quarterback problem. Blaine Gabbert enters the season on the radar of many and will likely be a first round pick next April.

Even their fourth quarterback is impressive.

Take Ashton Glaser's numbers.

Throughout preseason, Glaser, who currently is the No. 4 quarterback, has been steady. In the first scrimmage, he went 17-for-21 for 168 yards, though he did throw one interception. He stood out even more at the second scrimmage, where he went 9-for-9 for 98 yards. He threw one touchdown pass and rushed for a second touchdown.

It's good to know Mizzou has more coming through the pipeline.

It's gotta be frustrating to be that defense going against that offense.