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Mizzou Hasn't Ruled Out Injured WR Jerrell Jackson For Week One

Nearly two weeks ago Mizzou learned it would be losing WR Jerrell Jackson to a broken wrist.

The early word was that he wouldn't be ready for week one against Illinois and he'd be questionable for week two against McNeese State.

On Tuesday Gary Pinkel suggested Jackson could conceivably be back for week one saying some athletes can respond quicker, per Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune.

Could Jackson be back in time for the Illinois game? Pinkel didn’t rule out that scenario. “It’s certainly a question mark now,” he said. “This was news to us yesterday. It’s a possibility.”

Interesting. We've been operating under the impression that he would be unlikely against Illinois. We'll see if this could happen. From the time he was injured to the season opener, it'd be a little less than a month of recovery time.

He'd he have to be healthy enough to help the team. Playing injured doesn't do any good unless you're productive.

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