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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 8/24

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news...

Royals smoked 12-3 by Tigers

On the day when 'The Future' -- Kila Ka'aihue and Billy Butler each knock in a run -- the Royals lose 12-3 to the Tigers.

It was a decent game between the two before the Royals gave up seven runs in the sixth inning.

There were over 30,000 people in Detroit which means more people watched the Royals and Tigers tonight than the Chiefs and Bucs.

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Chiefs practicing in Kansas City now

The Chiefs are back from St. Joe, back from Tampa and back in Kansas City.

They're running practice this week and preparing for Friday's game against the Eagles.

So their schedule really hasn't changed even though they're in a different spot.

Getting healthy this week and back to practice was Brodie Croyle, Jon McGraw and Kestahn Moore -- all three did not play on Saturday.

On the injury list this week is Darryl Harris, Mike Richardson and Maurice Leggett.

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Mizzou receivers could be playing early

Mizzou runs a spread offense meaning there's lots of running so naturally they go through more receivers. That means a great opportunity for those freshmen.

A lot of things go into someone seeing playing time as a true freshman, and some of those are working in favor of Lucas and Sasser as well as another true freshman receiver, Jimmie Hunt from Cahokia, who has been out recently with an ankle injury but could return to practice today. Not only to do they have talent — and size — they have good timing. Mizzou doesn't return a lot of experience at its three receiver positions, and with its spread offense, Mizzou needs a lot of receivers.

Mizzou has lost some talent to graduation and to injury in recent weeks. I'll be curious to see who steps up out of this group.

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Turner Gill profile

I found this story from pretty interesting on Turner Gill:

"I enjoy what I am doing. I enjoy being a coach," said Gill, who was a two-time MAC Coach of the Year. "I enjoy being a college football coach, too. As a coach, you are relying on 18-22 year-old young men controlling your livelihood and some people say that doesn't look right, it doesn't sound right or it should sound right. But it is what it is. I enjoy it because there is so much you see out of it that you don't know that doesn't even get out to the media about so many young men that have bettered their lives from when they were 18 years old and now they are 21, 22 years old. I know they are better people in our society."

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