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Luke Hochevar Making Rehab Start, Says He Got Hurt In Batting Practice Months Ago

Royals pitcher Luke Hochevar has been out way too long but it appears that may be coming to an end soon. Hochevar pitched his second simulated game in four days on Tuesday and is expected to make a start on Saturday in AAA Omaha.

“My command wasn’t where it was last time,” said Hochevar, who was diagnosed with a sprained elbow following a June 11 start at Cincinnati. “But I felt all of my breaking stuff was coming out pretty well. I felt great. I really did.”

Hochevar believes the injury started when the Royals visited Fenway in May. The pitchers were apparently taking batting practice to prepare for inter-league games and they were trying to hit the Green Monster. Considering it's so tall, they kept swinging harder and harder.

"That was just me being stupid."

Hard to argue considering it took him over three months to tell the media.

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