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Basketball Recruit Ricardo Ratliffe Admitted To Mizzou, Enrolling Soon

Mizzou basketball recruit Ricardo Ratliffe has been admitted to Mizzou, according to Vahe Gregorian of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

That's the first step.

The second step is getting enrolled. The deadline for that comes Monday and Ratliffe is still in Florida.

He's finishing up an online math course this week and, assuming he gets a 'C' or better, he'll be good to go.

Ratliffe, a 6-foot-8 forward out of Central Florida Community College, was one of the nation's most coveted junior college players. He said he wished he could have been done and in Columbia by now but laughed and added, "But it's better than missing a whole year."

There's still no word on Mizzou's other high-profile recruit, Tony Mitchell. It's believed he's graduated from high school but would need standardized test scores to get in.