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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 8/25

Here's your daily dose of Kansas City sports news....

Royals are badly beaten, again

The Kansas City Royals on Monday were destroyed by the Tigers 12-3.

A day later and the Tigers again beat the Royals by a big score, this time 9-1 (one ninth-inning run saved the shutout).

That's now two in a row the Royals have lost after coming off of a 2-1 series win over the Indians.

Royals Review calls the Royals performance "pathetic".

Chiefs open practice tonight

The Kansas City Chiefs are hosting a practice open to fans on Wednesday night. The New Arrowhead will be open with some spots even having concessions open. The Chiefs were able to draw over 10,000 to one practice in St. Joe so it'll be interesting to see how many they can get to Arrowhead.

This will be one of the first chances to see the New Arrowhead and the last time to see the team practice before the season.

The Chiefs play the Eagles on Friday night.

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Mizzou WR Jerrell Jackson may not miss any time

Mizzou WR Jerrell Jackson brought his wrist earlier this month causing many folks (including himself) to say that he would be out for the season opener against Illinois and questionable week two against McNeese State.

Now head coach Gary Pinkel is saying it's possible he could be ready for week one.

This is a slippery slope. They probably don't need Jackson for Illinois but they do need all the time they can get together if they're going to be serious conference contenders. Plus, coming back early isn't always best -- you want to come back early and be productive.

It'd be an impressive comeback for Jackson. We'll see next week.

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Kale Pick getting used to being KU's QB

Todd Reesing's book says the following of being a starting quarterback (via

"It’s a different mindset," Reesing wrote of knowing he had the job versus competing for it. "You can take a whole different approach to practice than when you’re competing with someone who is just as good as you are at the position and when every play is a huge indicator of what your coaches are looking at. So, for the rest of (practice), I could kind of focus on getting ready to be the guy for the team."

And then here's current KU QB Kale Pick:

"That’s going to come naturally with more reps," he said. "I just want to make sure that our guys want to come out here and work everyday. And now you gotta move it to Game 1, you gotta think about North Dakota State and you can’t just be satisfied right now. I gotta keep pushing my teammates and I think that’s just going to make our team better."

I think he'll be OK.

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