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Forbes Ranks Kansas City Chiefs' Scott Pioli 3rd Best GM In The NFL

Forbes has come out with their GM rankings for NFL teams.

Ranking surprisingly high is Chiefs GM Scott Pioli at third. I say surprisingly because the Chiefs weren't very good last year.

However, Forbes takes into account where GMs were previously and, for Pioli, that was the Patriots. Heard of them?

Here's their rundown on Pioli:

Three-year record: 31-17
Playoff appearances: 1
Super Bowl appearances: 1
Super Bowl titles: none
Total salary spent: $292.9 million (No. 29)

We'll see after this year if his ranking goes up or down. My guess is that with the Chiefs it will go down because, let's face it, they're not going to win 12+ games this year.

First on the list is Bill Polian (Colts) and second is Jerry Reese (Giants).