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Kansas City Chiefs One Day From Playing Philadelphia Eagles

The Kansas City Chiefs are one day away from playing the Philadelphia Eagles for the first football game at the New Arrowhead. The Chiefs opened practice on Wednesday night for an open house of sorts for the renovated stadium.

For the Chiefs, it's their third try for a victory.

Generally the preseason doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of wins and losses but I do think the Chiefs need a victory on Friday for a variety of reasons.

  • This is a young team that hasn't experienced a lot of winning
  • It's the first Chiefs game at the New Arrowhead
  • The Chiefs haven't won a preseason game since Aug. 28, 2008

What really matters is the first team playing well since they'll be the ones in the majority of the snaps in the 2010 season.

That said, if a team ever needed to win a preseason game, it's the Chiefs.