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Chiefs vs. Eagles Preseason: Questions For The Enemy

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will face off in the third preseason game of the season on Friday night.

We asked Jason Brewer of SB Nation Philly two simple questions: What is the Eagles' biggest strength? And what is the Eagles' biggest weakness?

Here's what he said:

What is the Eagles biggest weakness and a reason the Chiefs have a shot to win?

Well, my philosophy has always been the only "winners" in a preseason game are the teams who come out healthy. The losers are the ones who don't. But that said ... If the Eagles have one area that everyone would like to see improve over the course of the preseason it's the red zone offense. The first team offense hasn't scored a TD yet. Granted, they've only played three preseason quarters but you'd like to see them getting in the end zone. Some of that have been dumb penalties that negated TDs & some has been drops or poor execution.

What is the Eagles biggest strength and a reason the Chiefs have no shot to win?

So in preseason the first team defense has been very good. The Jaguars offense couldn't manage even one first down against them and they picked off the Bengals' Carson Palmer twice. The defense is much healthier than it was last year, they're pressuring the QB, stopping the run, and if the Chiefs first team offense can have some success against them it will probably mean good things for your guys going forward.