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Chiefs vs. Eagles Preseason: Starting Slow But Bouncing Back

The Kansas City Chiefs had a terrible start to their third preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

First play: Jamaal Charles fumbles and loses it.

Third play: Matt Cassel is sacked and fumbles but recovers it.

Cassel also later threw an interception.

Cassel, who was 0-for-3 at one point passing the ball, has slightly turned it around. He's now 9-of-13 for 53 yards with a touchdown pass to Dwayne Bowe and an interception. The yards per attempt number is not very good but he's completing passing so that's a start, I suppose.

Kevin Kolb is 3-of-10 for 19 yards at this point.

Considering the Chiefs offense has turned it over twice, the defense is doing a strong job only giving up 10 points thus far.