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Done Deal: Basketball Recruit Ricardo Ratliffe Enrolls At Mizzou

Mizzou basketball recruit Ricardo Ratliffe has enrolled at Mizzou and will be in uniform for the Tigers this season.

As of last week, Ratliffe had been admitted but hadn't yet enrolled.

MU ports information officer Dave Reiter told Mike DeArmond of the Kansas City Star that Ratliffe is good to go at Mizzou.

“I can inform you that Ricardo Ratliffe is enrolled at the University of Missouri,” Dave Reiter, sports information officer for MU basketball, told The Star on Friday. “And eligible to play.”

Monday was the deadline to enroll. Mizzou started classes this week.

Ratliffe had to pass a summer course in order to be eligible for Mizzou.

Ratliffe was the No. 1 rated JUCO recruit in the country.

The last recruit Mizzou is waiting on is Tony Mitchell, one of the top players in the country.