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Chiefs vs. Eagles Preseason: Jamaal Charles Outplays Thomas Jones, Again

For the third consecutive Kansas City Chiefs preseason game, Jamaal Charles outplayed Thomas Jones.

On Friday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, Charles had 60 total yards on eight touches including two plays of 20 yards. Jones meanwhile had a touchdown but just 30 yards on ten carries.

Charles play as of late is probably why Todd Haley gave him the start against the Eagles.

Charles had another strong start showing he's one of the few Chiefs that can change the game in one play. He nearly broke a long touchdown run but was brought down from behind.

On the play, Charles hit the ground hard and came walking off the field. We're not sure what he injured but he did have shoulder surgery over the offseason so it's a situation to monitor.

In the end, it was Charles who once again had a better game than Jones.