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Figuring Out The Timing Of The Derrick Washington Suspension

There are questions that continue to surround the Derrick Washington situation.

On June 19, he's accused of entering a woman's room and sexually assaulting her. MU police logged the event and turned into the prosecutor's office but we haven't seen any movement on it since.

Clearly, Mizzou didn't know about the incident when Washington was selected as a team captain and sent to Dallas to represent MU at Big 12 Media Days.

So when did MU first hear about the possibility Washington would be charged with a felony?

Here's AD Mike Alden, per the Columbia Tribune:

“What happens with us, when we get credible information — credible information — that we can be able to act on, our coaches try to react to that,” Alden said. “For us, over the course of the last week and a half or a couple of weeks, we got some information that Coach wanted to be able to respond to, and he did. ...

That suggests in the last week and a half or so there was a new development that caused Pinkel to make the move.

The Tribune cites a source close to the alleged victim that Washington was offered a plea deal recently -- take the deal or go to trial.

That could be the development that caused Pinkel to react.

Though Mizzou has only characterized his suspension as "indefinite", each passing day makes it more unlikely he'll play in the season opener against Illinois.