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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 8/29

Royals lose in the bottom of the 10th

The Royals were embarrassed by the Indians 15-4 on Friday night. A day later, on Saturday night, they were much better but still couldn't get the win.

The Royals took the Indians to ten innings before they hit a home run to lead off the 10th ending the game.

They've now lost four of five games and two series in a row.

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Chiefs getting back to work

The Kansas City Chiefs are getting back to work on Sunday afternoon. They had the day off on Saturday after Friday night's 20-17 preseason loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The only big injury to come out of the game was to LB Cameron Sheffield, whose condition is better after suffering a neck injury. That's two straight weeks the Chiefs have had a player carted off with a neck/head injury.

The Chiefs have a short week playing Green Bay on Thursday. That means they'll have about 11 days before the season opener against the Chargers on Monday Night Football Sept. 13.

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Derrick Washington situation continues on

Mizzou RB Derrick Washington has yet to be charged in allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman in June.

The timing of Washington's suspension -- it happened last week -- suggests that there was a recent development causing Gary Pinkel to suspend him.

[A] source close to the alleged victim told the Tribune that the prosecutor’s office recently gave Washington the choice to plead to a lesser charge or go to trial for the felony charge. That development is a possible explanation for why Pinkel suspended Washington on Thursday.

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