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It's Official: Mizzou RB Derrick Washington Charged With Sexual Assault

And the situation with Mizzou RB Derrick Washington is officially very bad.

Washington has now officially been charged with sexual assault.

Assistant Boone County prosecutor Andrea Hayes says a single count of felony deviate sexual assault was filed Monday. She says she will seek $4,500 bond.

Washington was suspended indefinitely for what Mizzou called disciplinary reasons last Thursday before their intra-squad scrimmage.

Later that night we learned that Washington was facing allegations of sexual assault. The alleged victim had filed an order of protection against him on June 22 after the reported assault encounter on June 19. Neither party showed up to a court date the following month causing the case to be dismissed without prejudice.

Now the prosecutor's office, who had the matter reportedly referred to them within the last couple weeks, filed the charges.

Per MU athletic policy, Washington can not be reinstated to the team until the charge is resolved. Reports surfaced last week that the prosecutor's office had offered Washington a plea deal that would drop the charge to a misdemeanor.

Here are some more details on the events that allegedly transpired the night of the assault. Mizzou officials are not commenting on the charges.