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Here's Why Mizzou Didn't Know About Derrick Washington's Alleged Sexual Assault

On Sunday we tried to figure out the timing of Mizzou's suspension of RB Derrick Washington.

The alleged sexual assault took place on June 19 and an order of protection was filed against Washington on June 22.

We wondered why it took so long for everyone to be aware of the situation.

That's because the order of protection was never actually served to Washington, according to a statement from Washington's lawyers, obtained by the Columbia Tribune.

“Considerable media attention has already focused on this situation and reports have contained information that is misleading. The accuser in this case sought a civil order of protection against Mr. Washington in the Boone County Circuit Court in June 2010 and Mr. Washington was never served and provided notice that an order of protection was sought. The civil order of protection case was dismissed when the accuser did not appear in court. Mr. Washington and his representatives were not aware of the accuser seeking an order of protection. Missouri’s online court records system does not contain requests for orders of protection unless a judge grants a full order because it is important to prevent the release of accusations when hearings on the evidence are not held and orders are not issued. Mr. Washington never had the opportunity to respond to the accusations in the application for the order of protection.”

That explains why Mizzou didn't know and why Washington apparently didn't know until last week.

Ultimately this doesn't have much of an affect on Washington's case.