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Fantasy Football: What To Expect From Chiefs WR/RB Dexter McCluster

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Here's what to expect from Chiefs offensive weapon Dexter McCluster in fantasy football this year.

The Kansas City Chiefs aren't exactly potent on offense so there aren't a whole lot of fantasy football options on the team. Their best position -- running back -- will see two players split carries, which is bad news for fantasy football fans.

There is one player, however, that's gaining traction in fantasy football circles. Chiefs WR/RB/KR/PR/offensive weapon Dexter McCluster is starting to get noticed for his role on the offense.

We don't exactly know what McCluster's exact role will be but we do know it will include a lot of options for fantasy football players.

Here's what fantasy football players can expect from McCluster:

As a wide receiver....

He played running back and receiver at Ole Miss but was listed as a receiver when the Chiefs drafted him. If preseason is any indication, he won't be playing exclusively at receiver. But he does offer a unique skill set that I imagine the Chiefs are going to try to exploit.

One of Matt Cassel's problems with the Chiefs offense has been getting the ball out of his hand. There's a perception that he hangs onto the ball too long so I felt that the Chiefs drafted McCluster to help with that problem. There's very few folks in the NFL who can run a short route as quickly as McCluster. He's small and fast so, if Cassel's accurate, he'll be a solid option for him in the passing game.

Expect 2-5 receptions a game from him in year one with a small yards per catch number.

As a running back....

He's where he gets interesting. The Chiefs have their top two running backs in the fold -- Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles. During preseason, he's been given feature-back duties on a few drives getting 4-6 carries on certain drives. I think that's a test from the Chiefs to see where he stands.

But if he's listed as receiver in your fantasy football league, then he's a heck of a pick because he's also going to be rushing the ball. Don't expect many yards out of him -- I only expect a few carries a game -- but he has the ability, like Charles, to go the distance. He's probably worth the risk.

As a returner....

Because of Javier Arenas, he's probably not going to be the number one kick returner. However, his skill set lends nicely to returner. If Arenas goes down, or isn't taking the kicks for some reason, he has the potential to take a kick back to the house.


Overall, McCluster will be a nice fantasy football player in year one. That's because, as a rookie, teams don't know how the Chiefs are going to use him which makes him a little more dangerous.

But what makes him such a nice pickup is that you can place him at receiver and still collect the points he'll get as a running back and/or wildcat.