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Reaction To Royals OF Jose Guillen: 'Money Horribly Spent'

Will McDonald from Royals Review has reacted to the Royals recent move with Jose Guillen in a way that, well, only Will can.

The Royals paid Guillen $36 million dollars over the last three seasons, and for that money they received 340 games of .256/.308/.420 hitting. That's a below average OPS, along with non-existent baserunning and mostly bad to terrible defense. Money horribly spent. An expensive non-solution that did nobody save Jose Guillen a peck of good. Guillen can now go into the Hall of Average Players For Awhile That Actually Kinda Sucked A Lot as a Royal, however, as his 340 games in KC is more than he played with his eight other teams. Take that, Pirates!

Will has a great take on the situation that I think sums up the feelings of most Royals fans.