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Moore Shows Willingness To Admit Mistake In Parting Ways With Guillen

Royals GM Dayton Moore continues trending towards youth by designating Jose Guillen for assignment.

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Last month, Royals general manager Dayton Moore made trades that went counter to his initial M.O. of a preference towards underperforming, overpaid, aging veterans who didn't stand a realistic chance of being with the club when they're expecting to compete. 

Moore was able to salvage value from Rick Ankiel, Alberto Callaspo, Scott Podsednik and Kyle Farnsworth. With third baseman Mike Moustakas on the rise in the farm system, Callaspo was a square peg in a round hole, while the others served no distinguishable purpose aside from helping the Royals win 75 games rather than 70. Jose Guillen is off the big league club, and it's another sign that Dayton Moore is realizing the mistakes he's made and is starting to get out of his own way.

Based on how often Guillen was in the lineup this season, it's fair to say that Moore made every effort to showcase him to any team that might be the least bit interested. Maybe a contender still takes a chance on Guillen in exchange for organizational filler, hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. Regardless of any compensation the Royals may or may not receive from another organization, the opportunity for Kila Ka'aihue to get regular playing time is of greater importance to the rebuilding effort in Kansas City.

Aside from his on-field performance, Guillen's locker room demeanor is likely a character trait that Royals management doesn't want around when young players like Ka'aihue, Sean O'Sullivan, and possibly Mike Moustakas in September, are sharing the clubhouse. Guillen, a noted firestarter, sounded off on a few rants, including one earlier this season, which failed to fire up the rest of the team, judging by wins and losses.

The bottom line is that Moore is signaling a departure from his favorable attitude towards guys like Guillen, Mike Jacobs, Miguel Olivo, Ross Gload, and to a lesser extent, Brett Tomko, Horacio Ramirez and Sidney Ponson, and realizing that the players his regime has drafted and developed are knocking on the door.