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KU Coach Bill Self Issues Statement On Josh Selby Story

Bill Self has issued a comment on the story regarding no.1 recruit Josh Selby's amateur status.

In short, he says no comment.

Here's the full statement issued via the KU Athletic Dept.:

"I have received several calls about the article.  As has been mentioned previously, we do not comment on recruits until they arrive on campus for the fall semester.  I will say, as we have experienced in the past in our program, it is not at all unusual for the NCAA to look into many of the country's top-rated recruits each year for any number of reasons."

"It is not at all unusual" ... This late it is. Just because Brandon Rush was late doesn't make it normal.

That said, if the NCAA was on the verge of discovering anything of consequence, I feel Self would already know and if that were the case, he would have already backed off of Selby.

Of course, who knows what the NCAA will find once they start poking around more and more. It's like the Tiger Woods effect. You start off with one small transgression, folks start investigating and all of a sudden you're issuing out $750 million checks (yeah I know that number of bogus).