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Report: KU's Josh Selby Not Yet Cleared To Play, NCAA Investigating

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Another day and another college basketball star is being investigated by the NCAA with his amateur status in the air because of some of wrong doing

Except this time around it's a little more high-profile and it involves Kansas.

Josh Selby, widely considered the No. 1 recruit in the country, has yet to be cleared by the NCAA to play at Kansas because of questions about his amateur status, reports Gary Parrish of

According to sources, the NCAA is looking into, among other things, a relationship between Selby and Robert Frazier, the business manager for NBA star Carmelo Anthony.

More commonly known in basketball circles as "Bay," Frazier is, like Selby and Anthony, a Baltimore native. He acknowledged to the New York Times in April that he served as an "advisor" to Selby and his mother, Maeshon Witherspoon, throughout the recruiting process.

Selby is the third top-15 recruit to have his eligibility come into question. One is Will Barton, his cousin at Memphis, who was ruled ineligible this week, and Enes Kanter, a Kentucky freshman.

In a radio interview with 610 Sports, Parrish said he's heard rumors that Selby could have some academic issues as well but he can't confirm that. As Parrish said in the radio interview, these types of things are usually cleared up by now. This likely means that as they dig deeper, there are more questions coming up.

There are basically a few things that could happen here with the investigation:

  • They could find nothing and he'll be cleared and move on.
  • They could continue the investigation and drag this thing out if they're not getting any answers
  • They could find all kinds of violations and rule him completely ineligible.
  • They could find a few small violations and suspend him for a few games.

Parrish reports that the NCAA has spent months determining if any violations occurred. Bill Self and the KU Athletics department had no comment.

The perception problem continues with Kansas Athletics. First it was the Mark Mangino mess. Then it was the Lew Perkins mess.

Now, their best recruit is facing this.

But it's not just a KU thing. Just ask Mizzou.