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Bill Self Says He Doesn't Comment On Incoming Recruits, Here Are His Josh Selby Comments

On Thursday, KU's Bill Self released a statement regarding the stories floating around about incoming recruit Josh Selby's eligibility situation:

"I have received several calls about the article.  As has been mentioned previously, we do not comment on recruits until they arrive on campus for the fall semester.  I will say, as we have experienced in the past in our program, it is not at all unusual for the NCAA to look into many of the country's top-rated recruits each year for any number of reasons."

Since when do they not comment on recruits? Here is part of a team-issued press release with Self talking Selby:

"We felt like losing the caliber players we lost off of last year's team, that we really needed to hit a home run from a talent standpoint in the spring signing and we've done that with Josh. He's a point guard that can score. He's a playmaker. He can be a great facilitator and also a great finisher himself. We've been really fortunate to have really good guards here, but certainly Josh is the most highly-recruited guard that we have signed since we have been at Kansas."

And again:

"Josh is athletic, fast, can score, and he's ornery,'' Self said. "We just have to harness that energy. But he'll be terrific.''

And one more:

Kansas coach Bill Self compared signing Selby to "hitting one out of the park." 

That all comes up on the first page when you Google "Bill Self comments on Josh Selby".

I also seem to remember Selby at Allen Fieldhouse decked out in KU gear talking about signing to play with KU.

Sure, it's an easy out for Self not to talk about it, but to say that they don't comment on incoming recruits is clearly inaccurate.