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Add The Yankees To Teams Interesting In Royals OF Jose Guillen

We know the Giants are discussing Jose Guillen, who was designated for assignment by the Royals this week. They were one of the teams commonly associated with him leading up to the MLB trade deadline.

Now comes word from the New York Post that the Yankees will "track" Guillen.

Two weeks ago a Yankees official said there was no interest in Guillen, who told teammates at Yankee Stadium that he was close to becoming a Yankee. Now, the Yankees will track Guillen, who is expected to clear waivers since he is owed roughly $3.9 million for the remainder of this season.

Two thoughts:

If Guillen thought he was close to being a Yankee then it means the Royals and Yankees clearly had serious discussions before the deadline. I wonder why a deal never went through.

Is there any doubt he's going to the Yankees if released? Given the choice of any team, I imagine Guillen would choose the Yankees.