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Chiefs Training Camp: Five Things To Look For In The First Scrimmage

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The Kansas City Chiefs will hold their first intra-squad scrimmage of camp this afternoon. It won't be a full-on scrimmage as the coaching staff will stop at times to instruct the players or set up certain game-like situations. There will be tackling but not on the quarterback obviously.

Here are five things to look for in the scrimmage today:

5. The improvement of the defensive line

The defensive line is arguably the biggest question mark on the team. They're clearly banking on the guys in-house to make some serious development.

How do they look? Is Tyson Jackson going full-boat? Has Glenn Dorsey built on the gains he made last year? What's the nose tackle rotation?

These are all questions we've got and there are very few answers. Not a whole lot can be gained by watching the defensive line during training camp practices. You need games and this should be the first step in their evaluation.

4. Is the secondary really a strength?

Despite the talent in the Chiefs secondary last year, there were some serious issues, particularly at safety. Now, Todd Haley says it will likely be a strength of the team moving forward.

Who will line up next to Eric Berry? Will the offense pick on Brandon Carr? How will he respond?

We know what the Chiefs have in Brandon Flowers and Jon McGraw, two likely starters, so we're not as concerned with them. But the other guys have question marks surrounding them.

3. The rotation for DJ

It's clear that the fans want to see Derrick Johnson as a starting inside linebacker. The Chiefs didn't play him very much last season but DJ has had a very solid offseason, even winning a small locker room award for his work.

Will DJ start? How does he look? How many reps will he get?

This is one of the biggest questions on the team that folks want answered.

2. Prove it, McCluster

Dexter McCluster has been, without a doubt, the most exciting player during the Chiefs training camp. He's like a jitterbug on the field making video game-like cuts and showing surprisingly secure hands.

Now he needs to prove it in a game-like setting. There are plenty of camp heroes who can't translate their practice field talents to the field.

What happens the first big hit McCluster takes? Will he hang onto the ball?

I want to see him catching a ball in traffic, taking a hit and getting back up. Whether it's fair or not, that's always going to be a question because he's a smaller player.

1. The best quarterback will play

Matt Cassel has had an OK training camp. He hasn't been overly amazing and but also hasn't blown it. He has been, however, the most consistent quarterback.

Can Cassel make the deep throws? Can he avoid sacks? Can he get it off quickly to McCluster?

These are big questions and, frankly, probably the biggest questions about the team in general. You can only go as far as your quarterback takes you.